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in cave behind hill goblin base i found enemy named lyfia or somethig it hit me for freakin 2000 damage and scenario should be for lvl 15 - 20 characters,is that somekind of joke? sick one i have to say.
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You should stay away from Lyfan, he has 9999 HPs and can not be defeated. There is another path around.

:P And yes, it's one of TM's famous black jokes. You'll thereat accustom soon by playing more of his scenarios ...

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I don't rate my scenarios any lower than what I can't beat them at.

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To be fair, the readme does actually warn you about Lyfan. Of course, nobody bothers to read the readme... >_<

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anyone ever tried to make party with best stuff of game and max stats with editor and kill it?
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Well, the scenario data file shows that he has 100% immunity to every type of damage, so it probably won't work.

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Unless you can find a way to develop an immunity against immunity. Which, needless to say, is impossible. :P

Wait... aren't there any typeless damage spells in BoA, like Wound in BoE? If you really had nothing better to do, you could max out a party, give them a ton of invulnerability elixirs and spell points, and then stand around for a few hours lobbing that spell (if there is one) at Lyfan and watching his 9999 HP decrease to 0 in decrements of 5-10 points or so.

I have many things better to do, so I won't try. :P

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Huh. I am reminded of this.

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Well, I'm at least pretty sure that Salmon is losing.

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Nope, no portable sources of typeless damage. Some Canopy special spells deal typeless damage, as do lasers, falls (to members of your party), and some traps, but these have to be supplied by the scenario maker.
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