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AuthorTopic: small rebelion
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i have just began this and would like to know are the rebels realy the good or bad guys in story,cus i have played alot of other avernums and for me empire is always baaaad,and i dont want to follow their orders if the rebels are "good guys" in that game.
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Well, that's really something you have to decide for yourself. On one hand, the Empire has treated the people of Morrow Isle pretty shabbily for quite some time. On the other, the rebels rob and kill innocent merchants to acquire resources and spread fear, so one has to wonder what kind of government they'd set up on the island if they did manage to drive Imperial forces out.

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I've always preferred the Empire side of A Small Rebellion.

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Of course, you can ruin both regardless of which side you take.

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Honestly, after already having wiped out the rebels, I'd hardly consider whacking Jaen to amount to any serious threat to the Empire's sovereignty over the island. He's pretty replaceable. :P

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Personally, I prefer the rebels.

...But it's supposed to be morally convoluted, and not even the people of Morrow's Isle (read: the peasants) really benefit either way. Try and find Lord Brosterman and you'll see what I mean.

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My view on it is that both sides are pretty bad, but the Empire paid me to go there, so I'd rather just do what they say.
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I need to develop a psychotic party and just kill all the folks. No story development, just murder.

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Originally written by Kelandon:

Well, I'm at least pretty sure that Salmon is losing.

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