Any artists around?

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AuthorTopic: Any artists around?
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I could send you some of my sketches, if you still need an artist.
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No need. Thanks for caring.

Oh and spy.there, did you get my email.

These are my scenarios. I may have too much free time but I really don't care.
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:) yes. I only didn't have any other questions, thus I didn't respond, sorry.

*goes back to the longhorns*

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Originally written by Smoo:

Skeletony: When will Mr Proudfoot be adding your graphics to PoWS? :P (I seem to recall you had done something for it anyway.)

Been there almost from teh beginning. Check the credits page. I did probably around 3 dozen player icons(of which maybe less than two dozen are in teh current 3 year old build of the game and even those are the "rough draft" versions) including the little grween alien guy, the chain mailed sword-wielding dwarf, the plate-mailed halfling with sword, and too many more to list here. I also did a bunch of monsters including the elementals(earth, air, fire and water...the versions that are seen in game however are messed up a bit. Particularly the air elemental), some beetles and I forget what else.

I did a LOT of stuff, including a full color splash page/credit or intro screen type pic that was real nice, that never made it into the game because Tom stopped working on it and I believe he lost the later stuff I sent him.

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