Zaskiva Sewers... still confused...

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AuthorTopic: Zaskiva Sewers... still confused...
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sorry for double posting this, but... i'm now so completely confused that I don't know what else to do... I am in Zaskiva Sewers and I have already obtained the Sewer Key 3. I have already run the machine, and everything, and now I don't know how I am supposed to get out of here... Could someone please give me a guide or tell me where/what I should do now? :confused:
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ok, if nobody answered this I'll try *sigh*.

You have all three keys, right? Have you been in every part of the level, and have you opened every door?
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Also, in the lower right corner of the map is an undead spirit that wants your help in avenging his death. You need to do this task for a bridge to appear just west of him. That bridge takes you into a room with stairs leading out of the sewers.

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There's also another bigger sewer after that, so what you're dealing with now is nothing.

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