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AuthorTopic: Public relation for BoA
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Well... I find myself choked with laughter at Aranfoolcaytar. May I call you Fool for short?

—Alorael, who also thinks Jeff could maybe give spy.there a little credit too. Her contribution was slightly more than negligible...
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Perhaps he finds that the crediting in the original article is enough?
Still, I think spy.there's community name should be there too. Perhaps while he's editing anyway, he could take something out as well? *looks hopeful*

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:D Oh, thank you, Alo, I'm so pleased ... *blushes*

t Aran: Your hopeful eyes won't help you, fool :P Jeff will never see your complaint - and Aranfoolcaytar makes a shiny example of leaving your sanity close at hand of fluffy turtles *choked wl*

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Originally written by Aranfoolcaytar:

(Translation provided by Aranfoolcaytar).

I have been owned. Hard. :(

*vows never to change moniker again*

For the future, Arancaytar. Though I guess Jeff probably won't check the thread again that soon.

I laughed.

I'll remind you to keep that moniker... Aranfoolcaytar :P , actually, that moniker suits you now more than ever. :D

Btw, thanks for the translation.

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