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Originally written by Nicothodes:

Now why would you want to stay sane, of all things? :P
He wouldn't be here if he wanted to stay sane. Would he?

The Asha'man idea is good: maybe a conflict between the Asha'man and the White Tower, or the Seanchean (which sound remarkably like americans in the descriptions)

And WHEN are you going to base it. Before the tain has been destroyed, or after Rand got rid of it?

Anyway. Good luck!

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I dunno... it seems like such a bother. And it doesn't help that right now, I'm loosing the battle.

Maybe if I just avoid women for awhile, I might come out with something resembling sanity left.

I'll base it before the taint is removed, so if I get around to making a second scenario, I could do cool stuff with that (having more experience, and perhaps using the same party to make a sort of part 1, part 2 thing).

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As I see it, you have two choices:

1)You recreate the first book of WoT. This will be hard, as everyone before me pointed out. And it will also have to have a minimal amount of actual playing in it, considering that the player won't have any choice but to do as it is written in the book.

2)You make a side story. This is much easier, and gives both you and the player much more freedom.

If you go with the sidestory, you can choose any of the characters who disappear once in a while. Lan. One of the Forsaken. Verin Sedai, Cadsuane Sedai, or even Moriane(I know I didn't spell that right!) Sedai(She didn't die when she fell into the ter'angreal, but returned and is now working "undercover" to help Rand, without him knowin about it.)

Anyway, as for the help with scripts and artwork, you'll probably have to do most of the work yourself, at least for the former. And any special scripts that you need, you can probably just post the details somewhere on these boards, and a bunch of people will be ready to help you. Including me.

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It's Moiraine. And that's a neat idea!

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