Lord Putidus: Buggy Castle

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In the scenario 'Lord Putidus', I entered Lord Putidus' Tower, explored for a bit, talked to the greeter imp, and tried very hard to go up the stairs to meet the guy, only to find a total lack of special node that would permit me to ascend a level. I poked around in the coding, even though I don't understand BoA coding, and discovered that it looked like there should also have been a special message popping up when I entered the castle, which there wasn't (something about coming in out of the rain). There was a small message in the text box of the game window when I entered the castle, saying that there was a bad code in line 151 of t0castle.txt (something about a 'buffer').

So, what's going on, and how can I play the scenario?

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Update your version of BoA to the latest one.

EDIT: I'm putting this in the Player FAQ.

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