Varations on point B?

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AuthorTopic: Varations on point B?
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Or whatever the name of the map is. I feel like an idiot, but i cannot seem to find all the holy symbols in the 1st part... if possible, could someone pm me the locations? i have 8, but i can't find that last elusive one...
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Are you sure you're not playing "Canopy?" If that's what you're doing, then the one you're probably missing is in the NW of the underground of the Bugbear lair.

Somewhere along the West side of the caves underneath, there are two very large bombs that look just like brown wine barrels. Pick them up by "looking" at them. Then go upstairs right in the middle of the fort on top, where you should see a huge stone pillar. Go up to it, and it will ask you if you want to blow it up (yes, of course!). You must fight two Bugbears who magically turn themselves invisible before you can go on.
Go back downstairs underground, and head to the NW. Now there will be a hole in the brown wall that was there before. SAVE your game, and CAUTIOUSLY take the last symbol. The instant you do, a statue nearby will turn into a a powerful monster that looks something like a Demon Golem with special powers. (you could haste yourself before you take the symbol, and take it while in combat mode so you can attack the creature right away)

By the way, I have a little bone to pick with Jeff: wooden barrels and crates do not sink in the water; they FLOAT!

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