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I have a small problem when getting to the end of this game; I am in Klortis' chamber and my party has flown up to his aerie, well, the game stops responding at this point and the game screen goes black. What causes this? How do I get past this. All the scenes leading up to this are cutscenes and I have no control over my party. Help please! :confused:

Well, I have read all the previous posts regarding this error; yes, I too am a windows user. But as Ephesos said, he has version 2. Why can't I find it on the scenarios tables and when can I hope to see it listed?
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This is a bug. I think the latest version of the scenario fixes it.

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According to this the version offered for download at spiderweb fixes the problem you describe. Please post again if this fixes (or fails to fix) the problem.

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Would anybody here be albe to tell me where I can get the latest version, SW's website only has version 1.00 on it? ;)

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This is odd... v. 2.0 was on the tables last time I checked. I already e-mailed spidweb about it, so we should find out what's up soon (or am I being overly optimistic?).

EDIT: Sorry this took a while for me to find, but I've been backpacking since the 15th, and just got back today.

EDIT 2: Okay, Version 2.0 is back up. Just re-download and replace the files.

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