The Mad Ambition Problem

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AuthorTopic: The Mad Ambition Problem
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I am at the part where you meet with your companions in the ruined Ivalice city. It says I should go back to fort, and I went there, but what should I do then? I am in the fort and I spoke to everyone(Who was not asleep, or course.) but I found no info about anything. I walked back to the warcamp and saw the dervish standing there, but it gave me an error when I tried to talk to him.

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I also encountered this error, and I am not sure why, but the way I got past it was to kill the one guard standing near the fire in the War Party area. He is non-hostile.

I also tried killing Malachai, but that just got me killed.

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Inever Had that problem some thins wrong with you guys coms

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Let me guess: you're using Windows? And you downloaded the scenario off Spiderweb's scenario tables? The Windows version of the scenario that's available at SW is a beta version that TM released by mistake, and it's kind of buggy. Download the latest version from the link below:
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I had the problem, and used a Mac. I experimented, then found out it was because I hadn't followed the road on the way back. Try that.

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