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AuthorTopic: Some ideas Jeff will never look at....
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Or, to say it less technically, each SDF has a name with two parts, both of which are numbers. Those are parts A and B. Each SDF also has a value, which can range from 0 to 255.

A very simple use of an SDF is in keeping track of a chain of events. For example, an SDF with the A part of its name as "3" and the B part of its name as "5" could start at 0 (for convenience, SDF's can be referred to as A,B; that is, this SDF would be SDF 3,5)

When the party talks to George and gets a quest to find George's missing shoes, SDF 3,5 can be set to 1. Then, when they talk to Bill and discover that Frank stole George's shoes, SDF 3,5 could be set to 2. A special node in Frank's house could check the value stored in SDF 3,5. If it is lower than 2, the node would do nothing, but if the SDF has a value of at least 2, it could go to another node that gives the shoes to the party.

—Alorael, who actually isn't sure if this explanation is much better. All he knows is that Namothil's looks intimidatingly complex. Really, the best way to understand the SDF system is to just play with them yourself and find out how they work through trial and error.
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Does the group get to defeat the evil Frankfurter?

Is he really a vampire that wants to steal everybody's shoes?

Yes, toying around, and messing around with simple scenarios with no passwords is how I figured it out.

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Well, If they allow users to place NAMES on the stuff done flags then it would be easier. Like you could assign SDF 3,5 the name "Bill's shoes" or something meaningfull. Then clicking on the flag would give you the name you assigned and the vallue you placed in it. Also I hope there is the ability to place comments in the code.
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Originally posted by Drakefyre:
But Jeff has said that we'll get honest-to-goodness variables in BoA.
Oh, poor, gullible Drakey, haven't you figured it out yet? Jeff says a lot of things.

In any case, the variables I have seen in Geneforge scripting are purely local, i.e., they are consigned to a single script and cannot be referenced outside it.
In addition, variables will likely be unsuitable for any kind of heavy access, unless Vogel ends up implementing a symbol table with generation of intermediate code.

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How's Pygmalion coming along, Djur?

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From what Djur's told us so far, it's going pretty well. Check the forum or come to a Pygchat (#pygmalion at, 12:00 PM and 8:00 PM Sundays) if you want to find out more.

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