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LOTS of updates- many of which are ESSENTIAL to the game. Including...
* Fixed a bug in the Catacombs
* Powered up Saljuq and made it one-handed (!)
* Fixed a bug that allowed both powerful swords to be had! Thanks, spy.there!
* Repaired errors in the scenario script
* Fixed a bug that made God parties get stuck in the Border fortress
* Adjusted item values due to suckitude or awesomeness.
* Prevented the Dark Idol fight from being unspeakably easy. Thanks, Thuryl!
* Gave Shroud-3 higher resistance to magic
* Fixed the special spells readme (typo)
* Major Bosses can no longer be summoned!!!
* Added over 10,000 XP to this scenario, to make sure that the party itself gains more than 4-5 levels throughout the scenario.
* Fixed the Todmacher/Klugman confusion bug once and for all (hopefully)

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Minor bug: beamer.txt isn't quite right. A couple of times, a call affects the whole party where it obviously should be targeted at a single character. Just search through the script for the number 1000; every time it's there, it shouldn't be.

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That ain't even a bug, though- beamer.txt ain't used in the scenario.

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