Lord Putidus

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AuthorTopic: Lord Putidus
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Are there other people who find Putidus some kind of pervert name?? I just don't want to be alone on this...
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Yeah, I think it's the phonemes.

Kel assures me it's a perfectly good Latin word that means "rotten", though.

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Rex Magnus Putidus, on the other hand, is, as far as I can translate, "king strong rotten", which sounds somewhat disturbing.

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Worst porn name ever.

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On the other hand, it's actually "Magnus Rex Putidus" ("great king" rather than "king large").

All of the names in LP are legitimate Latin words one way or another. They're either real words or real names.

And Dacia is in fact Transylvania.

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I c... Great King Pervert
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