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The in game editor, is there somewhere that gives instructions on how to use it and list of items you can add?
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It's hard to understand what you are asking. But I'll try and help.

Instructions: There is a part on the Character Editor in the help section of the game.

On Items: If you have the registered version it's fairly easy to add items to your party but even if your not registered you can use the 'Advanced" part of the editor and add items that way. For the item numbers to use this, you can see them by opening up the Scenario Editor and see the list there.
I believe that there is also list complied in the BOA Cookbook of which a link can be found somewhere around here.

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This is also a good site
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Cool man, thanks.
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I thought you had to have a special code to access advanced features? That's the answer I got from Spiderweb.

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No, anyone can use Advanced Features.

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what they probably meant by code was knowing which item numbers pertain to which items
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