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AuthorTopic: Riposte
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Some players have reported very low success rates from Riposte, far below the approximately 3%/level success rates listed in the message window when a character ripostes.

I've done a little experimentation, and it's become clear that Riposte only has a chance to activate when a character is hit by a monster which has a weapon equipped.

This is presumably intentional behaviour; unfortunately, it does rather limit the usefulness of Riposte. (I wonder, does Parry work the same way? Logically you'd think it would, but I suspect it doesn't. Unfortunately my tests are complicated by the fact that my non-fighters, who don't have Parry, have Brittle Bones and less armour than my fighters, so I can't give a conclusive result at this stage.)

So, scenario designers, think of your poor Riposte-using players. Make sure at least a few monsters in your scenario use weapons. :P

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Regarding the weapon the monster has equipped, does the weapon type matter? i.e. Melee, Pole, Thrown? Do you need to be adjacent to the enemy for this ability to work?

Never used this before, but it sounds interesting and useful.

Edit: Well, "useful" depending on the functionality of the ability.

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It only works at one space away, so obviously, things thrown at you do nothing. The type of weapon also does not matter.

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Could add this to the "bugs" list as being: Riposte should work for all physical attacks regardless if the monster has a weapon equipped or not, should do physical damage back (not magic), and is horribly underpowered.

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There is a very nice item in Backwater: the armour of electrocution. It gives naturally (and very effective) riposte. ^_^

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You mean Martyr's Shield- there's a difference.

(And there's a slew of items in Canopy that do that as well)

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Yes there is. I find armour a better way of turning damage back on your opponents anyway.

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Originally written by Solomon Strokes:

(And there's a slew of items in Canopy that do that as well)
Of course, TM. The ability's named after you!
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I'm pretty sure a riposte is when you hit the opponents weapon out of the way and skewer them in one nice, economical move. If someone/thing was attacking you with claws, an attempt to smack their arm up would probably embed your sword in their arm - not the effect you were searching for, I assume.

On the same note, parrying a set of claws, which usually do not get that long, would be a small and tricky target to aim for. Although you could, again, bury your weapon in their arm.
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