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I have just about made it to the end of the scenario. After I cross into South Sud there is one major battle with Shroud. After I win the battle with Shroud, I do not seem to be able to make any more decisions and my party meets its demise at the hands of Spielb....(I am not going into full detail because I do not want to spoil the game). In any event, I discovered that I do not have the latest version of the scenario. I downloaded 1.3 and find that it is marking the folder as "canopy", rather than "canopy for windows". Is it safe to just overwrite the original canopy for windows? Any suggestions.
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The not being able to make decisions about dying is intentional. Don't worry- your party isn't actually dead, and you will be able to use it in other scenarios.

You can replace v1.0.2 with v1.0.3 just fine.

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