Weapons and Warfare in Avernum.

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AuthorTopic: Weapons and Warfare in Avernum.
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Oh. I admit, I was thinking of the Exile version when I said that.

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Originally written by Kelandon:

That was true elsewhere, but not really in BoA. Outside an anti-magic field, a Null Bug is vulnerable to any acid or poison spells and to Simulacrum. That's about it.
So in that case it would be possible (if quite dangerous/hard) to put null bugs in cages in order to protect against magic. Also you could try and breed them. *Gets a vague idea for a BOE scenario based around such a thing, that wont get made due to lack of time*

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I presume we could always catch a null-bug by physical means. . .like a giant trap. . . or get them as eggs and raise as pets . . . or even do nasty experiments and take the essence of the ever-present anti-magic field and make anti-magic cloak or sort of . . . Hmm.. that might be handy to carry around. . . wonder whether it would be possible. . . I might have to start attempting on making a scenario first. . . or for that matter . . . register in the meantime.

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