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Excuse-me for posting another meaningless topic for you, but why some BoA scenarios can't be downloaded at spidweb ? Like the HLPM, Canopy: Manufactured Womb and Xerch'de...

I've downloaded the HLPM at Keladon's site, and I've read about the two other scenarios at The Lyceum, but I don't know where I can download them. I've used the search button in the forum, to check if you've already gave some informations, but I can't find anything...

Is it spidweb who don't support this scenarios, or the writters who don't want them available at spidweb ?

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It's a little bit of both. The HLPM is actually on SW's site, but it's horribly buried. I thought Xerch'de was on the tables... (checks...) apparently not. Anyone know a download location off the top of your head? If not, I'll poke around until I find it.

At any rate, the Player's FAQ on my site has download locations for Canopy and Death at Chapman's, both of which are not available on SW. I think Canopy was deliberately not submitted, but I don't know the story behind DaC or X'd.

EDIT: X'd can be found here. I'll add this to the FAQ soon. This reminds me that it would be really nice to have Alex II up and running, or, barring that, just a BoA extension of Alexandria.

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I haven't submitted it to Spidweb yet since I want to make sure that the bugs are all fixed and I've made as many adjustments as I'm going to. (To that extent, I also plan on making another version of EM at some point in time.) I might just submit this one some time in the near future.

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