Demo questions **spoilers**

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AuthorTopic: Demo questions **spoilers**
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I just finished the demo and registered the game! Great fun! I have a sneaky suspicion that someone there has DM'ed a time or two as the battles were balanced and fun.

I was able to figure out most everything (I only needed to turn to the walkthrough twice, and both times I was being stupid!). I've got a few questions though...

1) Where is the Drake tooth? I couldn't find it...
2) Where is the third rune stone? I have heard people mention finding it, but I only found the one from the begger, and the one from the fleeing sage...
3) How do you finish the Rat quest? I killed the rats early in the game, but the quest never disappeared.
4) Is it possible to open all of the magical barricades if the piercing stones are used wisely? I messed up and wasted the first one I found and ended up with at least two barricaded areas.
5) Would I ever have a chance in hell (haha) of killing the Vampire or the bound Nafernal Spirit? I tried several times on each, but they kept kicking the living spit out me!

Thanks again for the fun RPG!

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1) Far to the north, past some lava.

3) Did you talk to the person who gave you the quest?

4) I don't think so, but some of the barriers aren't worth breaking.

5) I've beaten both. It's much easier if at least one of your characters starts with a Priest Spells level of 5, so that you can cast Enduring Barrier to prepare before the fights.

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2. Some Kobolds wandering around in the outdoors north of the school have it. You can either pay them for it, or kill them and take it.

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4. The cool thing about the demo is that several of the areas behind the barriers have an additional piercing crystal. Some of them even have two...
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what vampire?

Edit: For the Bound Infernal Spirit, just War Bless yourself before the fight and enter the encounter in fight mode. If the Infernal Spirit does not use arcane summon on his first move, he can be easially slain.

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I found that some of the barriers can be passed because there are weak walls around them, and you can cast move mountains to destroy them. Some of this case is in Holding Cells level in the SOM.

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Originally written by Partisan Slith:

what vampire?
There's a vampire in the big outdoor cave area, a little to the north of the Major Waste Repository. Don't attack him unless you're very well-prepared.

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