Diplomacy questions

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AuthorTopic: Diplomacy questions
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I failed to figure out some encounters in Diplomacy and wondered if you would hint/enlighten me.

The guy living in the woods SE of the peat mine who runs away--can I get him to talk to me?
Why is Grenrock unhappy and how do I get her to talk to me?
What does the skull key do?

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If I recall, the skull key opens the door to Vahkos's castle. I dun know the others.
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The uy in the woods will speak to you if you've killed enough wandering undead to make the area safe. He will sell you some very handy skills. Genrock is unhappy because her husband went missing. He is held in a cell in Vahkos' castle.

I once killed a man for his teeth.
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Thank you both for the info.

I'll go back and try both.

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