This concerns me.

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AuthorTopic: This concerns me.
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This concerns me very much. The "New Topic" button is not capitalized rationally, as "New Topic" or "New topic". It is offensively irrational; it is spelled "NEW tOPiC". WHY? It provokes ANGAR!!! :mad: It is things like this which will act as the minuscule particles which will precipitate the downfall of humanity itself. We will be overrun by apes, who will in turn be overrun by dolphins, before briefly experiencing a lull in the DESTRUCTIVE DELUGE before being once more engulfed in it. The English language is INADEQUATE to convey my DEEP CONCERN and OUTRAGE. WHAT WILL YOU DU ABOUT THIS?

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Don't click it, then.

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Whoa... I thought this forum was gone.


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Huh. UBB really does work in mysterious ways.

I've never really believed in UBB before this time. But if this thing can retcon the decisions of the mighty Jeff Vogel himself, thought really needs to be given to the idea of either worshiping UBB, or running in utter terror.

Or maybe UBB is Richard White.

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