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Thudyl: Same person.

BiT: from Yugoslavia?

Alec: Besides "tricky dick" what other nicknames are roaming around for American Presidents?


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Ike. Slick Willy. Dubya. I'm sure there are more.

Yes, there can be only one Josip Broz Tito. Unless you were to clone them and force them to fight to the death in an arena or something that would be cool also.

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Wait, TGM is capable of being serious?

Jesus H, some peeps(!) Then again I seem incapable of anything other than sarcasm, amusement or melancholy, so I suppose it's not that unexpected.

And should I shut up, not only would some people be unhappy, but the sudden drop in demand of asprin from the others could crash the global economy.
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*bangs head on desk*

Whichever of you Despers is tormenting us with this FBM account, STOP IT. NOW.

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Heheheh. SD, I've never been on Desp in my life, let alone have an account there. :D

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D: And you automatically point the finger at Desp, why?

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because FBM is... i don't want to break a technical rule in the CoC just to state the truth about him.

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Desp > > > > > > > > > > > FBM

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I have no affiliation with Desp whatsoever and will proceed to call anyone who says otherwise, Jim.
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