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Can anyone explain to me what's so funny about this entire RWG thing?

I'm not even being condescending. It gives dozens of you people cramps laughing at it (or why would you even have put up with all the references to its peripheral nonsense?) - and don't assume I 'don't get it', either. (Me and inside jokes go way back.)

Why is it that something so apparently bland has become so popular as humor?

It's not randomness-appeal - random stopped being subversive long before most of you even showed up, and subversive is why things are funny. So what is it, exactly?

I'm open to the idea that I'm missing something here, but people are already mourning RWG like chummy newbies mourn Misc: showily and without much purpose. Why?
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Subversive is not why things are funny. Funny is constellated incomprehensibility. I don't partake of it, but the whole RW gig fits that template pretty neatly.

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My take is that RW is far too inane. That it has existed so long is fantastic, and must mean that there is meaning to RWG beyond the surface. Ergo, a cult is born to that otherwise amorphous meaning with all the appropriate trappings.

And, that all that has happened, over some pretty crappy games by an author that seemingly dropped off the planet, is pretty damn funny.


The demise of the forum is something that should happened five years ago. It served no purpose other than a convenience for an author that couldn't support their own web forum and as a favor from one that could. Now, things are the same, but with more Vogel games to fill the space, there is no need to pad or fluff. All Vogel!

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So these two guys walk into a bar. A subversive bar!

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Originally written by Najosz Thjsza Kjras:

Can anyone explain to me what's so funny about this entire RWG thing?
It's just been a bit of fun and absurdity, focusing on crazy assertions and word play. Diverting, if you will. I don't know that it ever produced many cramps from laughter; I don't know that that was ever the point. Just amusement. Surely, Alec, you aren't so serious and snobby as to declare yourself above that? There are probably thousands of posts at Desp that would belie such an assertion. I remember once when SoT characterized Desperance as a "drip tray," and there was some rankling on your (or maybe it was Djur's...) part about the label. Well, this has been our drip tray, and many of us have enjoyed it.

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