I'm pretty sure

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AuthorTopic: I'm pretty sure
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that Alo is on the CIA's payroll. He's working against all the deer, who are out to take down the government.

"Oh, North Wind, why frighten others?
In Nature's family all are brothers.
Puff and blow and wheeze and hiss;
You can't frighten Shingebiss.
Bring your frost and ice and snow;
I'm still free to come and go.
You can never frighten me,
One who never fears is FREE!"
-Shingebiss, the mighty duck
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Hey, you want to guess what you don't reveal about a man with a sniper rifle and a few kilos of skribbane?

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Once again: "He's on to us. Eliminate target immediately."

It's really amazing how often that phrase becomes apt. :P

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Rebate seventeen !squirrel the predilective

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