What's wrong with RW games?

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AuthorTopic: What's wrong with RW games?
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I don't understand. What is the problem people have with Richard White's games? I find them to be so exciting, so invigorating, so thrilling, so entertaining, so exhilarating. Why does it seem that nobody likes them?



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It´s not true that NOBODY likes them, for example I like them. :D But maybe some people prefer other games more, and got no exitement in life, than to write bad about them. :mad: :mad: :mad:

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Even if they're not without redeeming features, "exhilarating" is not a word I would typically apply to unremarkable strategy games.

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ive nvr seen people insulting RW games cept some cult that one of the members of spid web made

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The cult does not mock Richard White games. We know what is coming, and the only hope we have is to be consumed by Galactic Core 2 first!

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We could tell you, but then we'd have to kill you. You know that.

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Originally written by Saurion:

What is the problem people have with Richard White's games?
Even though I recognize sarcasm when I see it, I still feel obligated to point out that although his games are shallow and easily mastered, they are fun for what they are and can provide hours of casual amusement.

That's just about it, really.
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