Soilders? Archers? Knights? and what's your opinion on roads?

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AuthorTopic: Soilders? Archers? Knights? and what's your opinion on roads?
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Note: this is on Lost souls!!

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There's nothing a soldier can do that a knight can't do better, and I've usually found one knight more useful than two soldiers. There are occasional exceptions, like in cases of extreme cannon fodder, but generally I make knights, not soldiers.

Archers are less useful than knights most of the time, and they're fairly worthless for taking and holding territory, but a few archers at the end of a bridge with a few knights or soldiers can hold off an army. That's the purpose of the unit, and it works nicely.

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Reading this topic made me realize that I've never actually played Lost Souls. Sure, I'd downloaded the demo and poked around a bit, but I never actually committed to finishing a game before. So I dug out the demo again…

And I discovered it's a great game! Lots of interesting aspects to it. I beat the first three levels — had lots of fun with the third especially, with those four guard towers in the middle. Couldn't have won that one without archers.

But I still like knights best. They're just about the only way to take out the archers! :D

I don't care much for the roads, though — I have trouble enough as it is counting how far the enemy pieces can move. Maybe with practice, I won't mind them so much and may grow to like them.

Still, at the moment, it looks like I may register the game some time in the next few weeks.

So, a hefty thank you to IT 000 for bringing up Lost Souls. I probably would have never played it again otherwise.
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I use each of the three units for different purposes. Soldiers are good for standing in the way, and archers sometimes need backup for defense. Knights are the only good offense, though.

And roads can be pretty useful on rare occasions but most of the time are not needed.

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I have downloaded and played the Lost Souls demo a couple of times. Last time, though, it crashed a lot running in Classic in OS 10.4. I have an old OS 9 laptop on which it would probably work fine, though, so maybe I'll install it there. I liked it, too. Just never quite enough to register it. The demo levels were varied, but didn't quite succeed in giving me the impression that huge amounts of further variety would await in the later levels. Evidently there's an art to constructing shareware demos. You need to make the last demo level the second-best level in the whole game. (If you make it the best, people will register the game but then be so let down they'll never look at you again, or pass the word on to their friends that they need to register too.)

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