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Church? I thought we worshipped Him in back alleys!

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Those are the casual Saturday evening services, which are held on alternate Tuesdays.

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Originally written by Icshi:

Those are the casual Saturday evening services, which are held on alternate Tuesdays.
Indeed. The church is only used for the Sunday Services (every Tuesday when the casual Saturday evening service is not held, and every third Wednesday on the other weeks, not counting the weeks in which it is held on Tuesday), and for Special Occasions, these being Richard White's birth- and deathdays, each of which will have been on a different day tomorrow than they might have willan on-been yesterday as seen from today. It therefore follows that the Special Occasions service fluctuates throughout the year, but it is never held more than once.

Today it was held on the first of August, but yesterday it was going to be held today. I am expecting it to have been held yesterday tomorrow, but there is really no way to know.

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