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Why isn't there a windows version? I played it on a friend's Mac and loved it, but he moved away, and I have never had a Mac of my own...

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Ah, another convert. Any way I think you'll have to get a Mac, or force RW to port it, which is unlikely as he no longer resides on earth.

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Our master has transcended this world and now conquers infinite galaxies with incredible ease. So he won't be doing any porting for a while.

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Perhaps someone could persuade Jeff to get in touch with RW from the great beyond...

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I guess we'll have to fire up the ol' ouija board and hit the redial button...

I am truly, truly amazed to find an Ocean Bound enthusiast. I found it to be absolute crap. It's one of the dullest games I've ever played. The most fitting comparison I've come up with is that it's like SimCity but without the city. But despite my harsh words I'm glad somebody likes it. Regardless of what I may think of the game, RW put effort into it and it's always nice to see any amount of effort getting a reward, whatever shape and quantity such a reward appears in.

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Speaking of the whole Win/Mac thing, I wish someone would port SubTerra (not by RW) to Macintosh. It sounds like a fun game.

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