Beta Call for Mad Abortion

AuthorTopic: Beta Call for Mad Abortion
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This scenario is for parties of levels -9 to 0. It will probably (but don't hold me to this) be sent out within nine months. It will be roughly the size of a dime, but that is shorter than it sounds. (There is only four or five brain cells, for instance.)

If you're interested in testing, then please give me this information:

Name (or what it says on your non-existant birth certificate):
Email Address (needed so I can send you the red goop):
Platform (Hanger/ Vaccuum / Amiga):
Birthing Experience:
Doctoral Experience:
Are You Imban:

(As a forewarning- if you did not appreciate the heavy-handed designing of Knife or Large Stick, this might not be the contraceptive for you. Keep that in mind.)

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I came very close to moving this to the BoA forum.

—Alorael, who doesn't think this product is ready for phase I trials yet.
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