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I wonder, could someone quickly explain why it matters that a dollar is worth less than a euro?

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Exchange rate alone doesn't mean much; the important thing is how it changes over time. What matters is that if you want to travel to or trade with Europe, your money isn't worth as much as it was a while ago.

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When the dollar is weaker relative to the euro, imports from Europe (which are purchased in euros) cost more. The usual result of this is that US consumers then are more likely to purchase products manufactured in the US. This in theory would bolster the US economy by increasing demand for US goods, leading to an increase in employment/wages/whatever. HOWEVER, a country can't devalue its way to prosperity.
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Unless you're China... ;)

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This is a truly bizarre topic. It resides in the RWG section, yet it is neither a horror in the eyes of man nor relevant to the games. I find myself at a loss.

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