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Hmmm there don't seem to be a lot of posts here (or I'm not looking at this board right!). Ok, I think this is the only one! Possibly since the game has been around a while...

I do have one question. Liking the game, it's my first from Spiderweb.

My question is: How safe is it to leave stuff laying out in the game? My character gets encumbered pretty quickly and I would like to just leave items I might use laying on the floor by a vendor I sell off too. I think it's safe but don't know for sure.

Tahnks for the help!
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Don't worry man, they'll be there whenever you go back. Trust me I know. I used a dead guys house as a dumping ground for trash, literaly trash.

Bringing the gift of Giant Intelligent Friendly Talking Spiders to all.

That is to say I'm bringing the gift of GIFTS to all.
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Thank You Goldenking!

I feel light as a feather already.

Well, I will once I get to plaaaaaaaay later tonite!

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