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AuthorTopic: Lightweight functionality?
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My first and entire experience with Spidweb software was the Exile series, which was awesome. I've been coming back to their website since to see what's new in their games. Now I'm playing Geneforge series.

It seems like the functionality is lacking. I don't like that many of the functions don't seem to be accessible from the keyboard, which gets a lot of the awkward operation out of the way. Then, it doesn't seem like I can rest at all, which was a fun part of traveling through castles. Also, it doesn't seem like there's a defend function in the fighting mode, which makes it rather difficult to get through some battles.

Also, what happened to all of those AWESOME hidden areas in Exile, where I had to test doors, and try to predict where secrets were?

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Yes, Geneforge is quite different from Exile, especially if you haven't played Nethergate and Avernum.

To rest you have to go to a "friendly" town. (Just going to an edge of the map and re-entering works if you are already in a town.) If you can't get to town, you have to rely on healing spells or potions (spores/pods). Your energy does restore with time, but essence doesn't.

To stand idly in battle, just click on the active character. (Although I am not sure why you'd want to stand idly while being attacked, instead of attacking or retreating.)

As for secret areas, there are some passages that are hard to see. There are also some area that become available only after completing certain quests. That's as close as you are likely to get. (I personally found searching for secret passages very annoying. Bumping into every wall along the way wasn't my idea of fun.)

PS Welcome to the forums. :)

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Agreed about the bumping into walls.
I do think he meant that the "defend" function in the previous games meant that you automatically parry, whereas clicking on a character in Geneforge just makes you skip a turn. (I think, anyway).

Something I did like about previous games is that you can choose a graphic for the characters, which is better RP. With geneforge you are forced into playing either male or female, depending on class and, frankly, the agent from that angle looks like Schrek's wife (not that there is anything wrong with that...)

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