Need Help Joining All 3 Sects

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AuthorTopic: Need Help Joining All 3 Sects
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I stopped playing this game over a year ago. I have loaded my old save and I'm having a good time. Before I was planning on joining all 3 sects. The problem is that I can't remember what I was doing for quests - or what to do to join all 3 sects. I'm playing a Guardian

I currently have these quests:

Find Spy In Vakkiri
Kill Ellhrah
Find Shaper Records
Find Spy in Kazg
Kill Outsider Rebels

I just cleared Holding 2 and few zones north of that. Based on the quests above can someone put me back on track to join the 3 sects?

I guess I should have taken notes or something. It could be I just need to start over again.

Any ideas or help would be welcome.
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You could get most of these answers in a FAQ/Walkthrough. I haven't played Geneforge in a long time, but this is what I can remember: You can find the spy in Vakkiri at the North East (i think) of the town. His name is Nabb or something. You could give him in by telling sencia and finishing your Quest. Killing Ellhrah is not a good idea unless you want to be a member of the takers. You can find shaper records all around the game, you just have to look for them. I know is not much. but that’s all I can remember. I hope it was of some help. Good luck.
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You can't join all three sects. Wait, scratch that. You can, just not all at once. And you can join as long as you keep each sect civil and by not decapitating political organizations. High leadership helps convince the three servile leaders to let you in without having you kill someone or do something irreversible.

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