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I have added all of the maps from the game to my site. They are accessible from the maps and in the links under the map, on both resolutions.

Yes, I am aware there is no actual information on most of them. I only have the maps. The rest will come later.

What I'd like for you to do is to browse through all the maps, click all the links and just generally run around the site as much as you can, checking for any mistakes I might have missed.
These mistakes could include 404 links, missing maps, wrong maps, misspelled words, or other kind of wonky errors. I'm pretty sure everything's clean, but I'm tired (it's 3am) and so it's perfectly natural if I missed something.

Also, I'd like to hear your opinions on the site design. Especially how it works (if it works) on the smaller resolution, 800x600. I've tried to make everything so that the pages work on either main resolution, but if something just doesn't work, then please inform me.

Here's the link one more time, in case you missed it on the top:

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Wonkiness appears to be at a minimum, Riibu. Although I can't verify whether the right maps are in the right places, all of the links work, and the maps are clear on 800 by 600 resolution. I already was able to make use of one earlier today to find a path in the Abandoned Vale that had been evading my eye after a piece before it had been uncovered. The green darkness of the map next to this uncovered pathway made me overlook it every time I walked by. I hope all that made sense. If it didn't whatever. It works. Good job. :)

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