The Shaper Crypt

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AuthorTopic: The Shaper Crypt
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I have reached the Shaper Crypt but I can't find a way to open that stone gate. A text appearing asks me to put something on the glowing runes... Does anyone knows what this "something" is (and perhaps where I can find it)? Thank you
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Stone crescents. Check the FAQ for the creatures you need to kill to find them.

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you are looking for creature called "cresent thad" or something like that. It wanders between two areas in the wasteland, I forget which.
When you find it, it will run away from you(not a special encounter or anything, it just runs away). When it dies, it will drop a 'stone cresent' which you use to unlock it.

Or are you talking about the shaper crypt on the southeast edge of the island? If so, you are looking for a necklace found in that area, in the only building you can get in so far.

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