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AuthorTopic: My title
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I'd be willing to do several things to get my title back. What do I have to do?

And Imban- FYI, I'm easily provoked.

This is MY link.
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If that's what you can do to get rid of it, Drakey, I'm listening. It's not like I exactly like this title either. I know one of the rules for me: Stop spamming! Hey, I've gotten better. I just have to stop once and for all. Btw, tell me when I spam. I'll try and correct it. Just cause I did it's not like i liked it.
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I shall take this moment to speak for Imban (sorry, sir--couldn't resist):


I'm sure PMing Ghost or Drakey would help you a lot more. But you'd get less attention, wouldn't you.

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You could try ceasing to make threads about your title and instead becoming a productive member of the boards instead of someone everyone hates and is upset at. Not whining would help this. Not powergaming in RPs would, too.

*sigh* Also, if I lock a thread, I do not at all do so for kicks.
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To get your title back, you need to prove that you can improve. If you improve, I will remove it. I did it to JF and to Ghost. LF, you have been getting better too. However, if you get worse (like these two threads, FB), banning is the next step.

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