Drakefyre, please chack your PM's more occasionally…


AuthorTopic: Drakefyre, please chack your PM's more occasionally…
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the Great Potato=Drakefyre

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Yeah, I knew I remembered it somewhere. But why did he make another account?
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Drakey had to be member #7 so he could be the same on the IB and UBB. The Great Potato exists for reasons unknown to us, but probably perfectly clear in the minds of little boys everywhere. Especially little vahnatai boys.

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Actually, I was member #7 on the UBB simply because I was the fifth IB mod to come to the trial UBB. Dingy was the first. And the great potato exists because I must not let anyone else have him.

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Ahh, memories..

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I remember that name from somewhere... an RP, maybe? Did Drakey use that account for an RP before I came here or something like that?

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The great potato? Eh, I thought it sounded like a member 40, but I could be wrong. Or maybe someone somewhere near member 40.
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NaCN used to be The Magic Potato, I believe. That's probably what you're thinking of.


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