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I wanted to have a vote to see who you like more!

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This poll contains 1 question(s). 10 user(s) have voted.
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Why does your poll assume that I like one more than the others?

It is possible to like several people equally without any one of them being your favourite.

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And this post is going to help you on your search for a buddy (see Buddy thread)?

Why do you do this? At the very least you should have added the choice of "like all equally". I did not even bother voting.

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Anyway, it is well known that we are all sad, horrible people (except Schro, of course).

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Order Mage, I can't believe you ask who we like better in the form of a poll. Under the eyes of God(yes, I believe in him.), we are all equal. I don't know about everyone else, but I think this poll is dumb, very dumb.

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And besides, who do you think would actually tell who they like more? If they didn't vote for Alo, he'd come and snipe. If they didn't vote for Scrho, he doesn't care. If they didn't vote for Saunders, it's not so surprising :P . And finally, if they didn't vote for James, he'd cry.

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I didn't vote, because they all are dumb…
Heh, kidding. :D

In my opinion, it isn't worth it to create this topic at all… It's kinda spam… Something you shouldn't ask on fora, but in real life, like "It's a nice weather, no?"

Also, this poll could result in discrimination. (to some people) The one who had the most votes would be praised, and the one with the less would be worthless.
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Did I get my point across? I hope so.

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Very nicely done! But are we not contributing in some way? I like it though. I especially liked the diagram for the can.

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:cool: :) :rolleyes: :) out of all i like myself the most :) :rolleyes: :) :cool:

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Originally posted by Zephyr Tempest, The Mindwarper:
Order Mage, I can't believe you ask who we like better in the form of a poll. Under the eyes of God(yes, I believe in him.), we are all equal. I don't know about everyone else, but I think this poll is dumb, very dumb.
1) Where in blue blazes did this turn into a religious debate?

2) Regardless of whether God considers everyone equal, humans do not consider everyone equal.


4) YOU WIN!!!

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Yes, NaCN, I can take a hint. And I know that when Desperance banners come out, it's time for the topic to die the death.

—Alorael, who actually wouldn't have any problem with this topic if it hadn't turned into a long series of flames directed at Order Mage. It's not the best topic ever made, but there have been far worse.
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