ryzom, next game ?

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AuthorTopic: ryzom, next game ?
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We have bought the game Ryzom (www.ryzom.com gameforge) recently. That right?

And if that ok, when this game is online for gamers?

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Well this is a useful topic.
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I've unlocked this thread to add a bit of information. It's not quite as crazy as it looks on the surface.

From Wikipedia
On December 21, 2006, Nevrax SARL was eventually sold to the owners of GameForge AG, a German company specialized in webbrowser games, who started up GameForge France SARL as a 'sister company' and transferred all the rights.


As of early March 2008, the generally accepted, but unconfirmed by the company concerned, speculation was that SpiderWeb International Limited were in ownership of all assets.

I can understand the confusion between GameForge and Geneforge, and even more between Spiderweb Software and SpiderWeb International Limited. The companies aren't the same, however, and this Spiderweb has nothing to do with Ryzom.

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