I need your recommendation!

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AuthorTopic: I need your recommendation!
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I'm looking for a program to convert DVDs to videos that can be transferred to the iPhone. Do you guys have any recommendations?
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By Committee
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Oh, oh, the spam accounts. It's like their last great hurrah before the end.
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Electric Sheep One
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I guess the point of this kind of account is just to make other people search for and find their product. Instead of broadcasting your ads, you politely and indirectly ask netizens to go and look for it themselves.

Funny thing is, I think I'd much rather have this than see a garish blinking add beside my Dilbert comic. So up with spambots?

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Shock Trooper
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Well the blinking ads can be blocked. These on the other hand... Still, I suppose they are less offensive than the traditional ads, or even the traditional spam bots. No excessive linking or anything.
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It's basically the same question, and it was posted by the same IP. Be gone.

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