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Originally written by First Call:
...Juno is surprisingly heartwarming and knows when to let its jokes go...

Ah. I forgot Juno. An excellent movie, with moderately intelligent humour. My only beef with the film was the kid's tic-tac habit. Making light of addiction just isn't cool. Some of us tic-tac poppers were offended, particularly since they made such a big deal out of a little habit. A pack a day is nothing. I can go through a six pack (yes, they have those) in a single period.

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My Faves For 2007:

There Will Be Blood
No Country For Old Men
Michael Clayton

Honorable mention:
Knocked Up/Superbad

Except for the truly wonderful Once (which I saw on the big screen twice), that's pretty much the Best Picture nominees right there.

- Jeff Vogel

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I can't believe you people are paying money to see something that you get for free on TV. Homer Simpson was right and I had to hear him while I'm watching the DVD,
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Sweeney Todd all the way..watching the preview got me riled up..

The worst movie I watched was Gameplan..and Stardust was too much Hallmark-ish..but good none-the-less..

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