Happy Birthday, Drakey!

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AuthorTopic: Happy Birthday, Drakey!
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Originally written by Calphrexo:

Originally written by The Ratt:

Just so you know, the boards have only been around since 2001.
O rly?

Since March 23, 2001, I believe, if you count the Ikonboard predecessor of the UBB, which began its existence in September.

—Alorael, who of course understands that Drakey has been on these boards longer than these boards have existed.
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Ah, it is all made clear by Alorael. Except the mangoes. What the joke with them?

Hmm... Ornks, gazers and guacamole. What kind of food would you get?
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Several people on SW think saying 'mangos' makes them silly. That's the punchline! Ha ha ha.
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Originally written by Ephesos:

Happy birthday, Drakey! Have some cake, which is not a lie.


Portal and Drakey for ever! I hope you have a pleasant year, full of discovery. Go drink a beer on the house.

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Silly Synergy ... I'm a Sagittarius!

Thanks all.

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