Learning new spells

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AuthorTopic: Learning new spells
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How does one learn new spells in Avernum? I've obtained a scroll for a spell that I don't know (a spell usable only in combat).

I have found no way of learning the spell from the scroll. I tried casting it from the scroll in combat, thinking that once cast from the scroll, I'd learn it. That didn't work.

The directions say that new spells are found or purchased. However, are these new spells in the form of scrolls (as I would expect)?

How does one learn a spell from a scroll? This is the first time I've had to ask this question (and I've played a LOT of rpgs). Perhaps I'm missing something obvious.

Or are scrolls only for casting from (with learnable spells existing in another format)?

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Scrolls are in fact only for casting from. You can only learn spells from mages/priests willing to teach them, who are usually few and far between.

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Thanks Ephesos!
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The spellbooks (look like giant open books on a pedestal) are found through out the game and depending upon which game will increase your knowledge of the spell or increase it to level 3 if you already know level 1 or 2 (earlier Avernum games 1 to 3).
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