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AuthorTopic: Wow...
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First off, as a n00b (though I did buy Exile:Escape from the Pit eons ago), let me say that I'm really impressed by the community here, and the user made scenarios and custom graphics (Louvre?). I also really like that Spiderweb took the time to redo so many games (like this one) to work with today's operating systems. I think the Avernum UI is intuitive and slick, if lacking in the "arms up! arms down!" type of sprite animation I grew up on with the Commodore 64 Ultimas (on second thought, maybe that's a good thing).

Anyway, really great to see all of this old-skool RPG action, but nice and updated. And good to see people supporting it!
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One of the first save function games I ever played was Exile 2. I got hooked and I still love these kinds of games.

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And with any luck it'll just get better.

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