Hypothetical thoughts

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AuthorTopic: Hypothetical thoughts
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Originally written by upon mars:

Can't we citizens talk in discussion rooms and find a better way to solve problems instead of letting administrations run our lives?

Any government form of government requires administration. We are fortunate enough to live under democracy (representative, maybe, but democracy) so that we can change the administration.

—Alorael, who has found that problems tend to be solved better by organization than by acting haphazardly and alone.
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Originally written by Slartyphobia:

Wil Wheaton?

Dear god, Jewels.

Ya! Didn't you see him in Flubber as the stereotypical snotty rich kid. He played that piece spot on.

Or his appearance in CSI as a crazed homeless person. I didn't even recognise him, he was so into it.

Then he has his theatrical pieces and his books and his blog. You can actually, like, log on and talk to him and stuff. It's, like, sooooooo cool!


Ok, yeah... I'm a real trekie geek.

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Whatever happened to alt.stupid.ensign.die.die.die?

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Now now! Insulting like that is rude, even if he was one of the most irritating characters ever.

I am a mater of time and how .

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