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[i]Ortega Calls for Stability in Nicaragua[/i]

Former Marxist Daniel Ortega, who battled a U.S.-backed insurgency in the 1980s, returned to Nicaragua's presidency calling for reconciliation, stability and a renewed fight against poverty.

His election victory Tuesday adds to Latin America's diverse array of left-leaning leaders, including anti-U.S. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who said his and Ortega's countries would be "uniting as never before" to construct a socialist future.

"Latin America is ceasing to be and forever a backyard of U.S. imperialism. Yankee, go home!" Chavez said.

But Ortega laid out moderate goals Tuesday night, saying he would work to eliminate poverty in the Western Hemisphere's second-poorest country after Haiti. He also sought to reassure investors worried about his radical past that he was open to business, and would "create a new political culture" that would "set aside our differences and put the Nicaraguan people, the poor first."

"We are showing the country that things are stable, that we can set aside our political positions and put first our commitment to pull Nicaragua out of poverty," he said in a speech that lasted only about a minute. He was expected to address supporters at length in a victory rally planned for Wednesday afternoon.

His supporters waved black-and-red party flags and sang Ortega's campaign song, set to the tune of John Lennon's "Give Peace a Chance."

It was a major turnaround after three failed presidential bids for the balding 60-year-old leftist, capping a 16-year quest to return to his old job. He says he has changed profoundly since he befriended Soviet leaders, expropriated land and fought Contra rebels in a war that left 30,000 dead and the economy in shambles.

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Well, I'm at least pretty sure that Salmon is losing.

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I am quite impressed... perhaps we'll see viable socialist states in our lifetimes. And with the US power balance changing, Bush is less likely to invade them! :D

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Sounds like good news for me. I'll be visiting Nicaragua next February. Just got my vaccinations today. Man, my arms hurt.

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Bush has so over extended the US military that the only option left is to bomb a new enemy to rubble. The air force and navy are the only forces that are not tied up in the Iraqi quagmire.
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Not a bad strategy, actually.

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