Intel Mac: save files and general avernum files

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AuthorTopic: Intel Mac: save files and general avernum files
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maybe this is common knowledge, but for me this sirtuation was new, and when i asked for help, nobody could really help. I then didn't sleep the whole night, trying to figure out a solution for my problem: the save files of Avernum 1, 2 and 3 and BoA didn't work when I put them, from my old Imac G3, onto my new Intel Imac. I managed eventually, and found a way to convert them without losing their function of savefile and become a useless pile of data.

1) Compress all your save files (or at least the ones you want to convert) with Stuffit or another program of that kind.
2) NOW put everything on your Intel Mac
3) Extract the compressed files to a the related Avernum folder.
4) PLAY!

This is a method that not only works for Avernum, but for all files that should remain untouched while converted to youyr Inetl mac. For me it worked with most of the things that I converted. Its important to remember that the icon that the computer gives to it is not important! Just pretend it to be the right icon, although it doesn't seem like that!

You don't have to respond to this post, i just thought it to be worthwhile to post this, now that more and more people are getting their first Intel mac.

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