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AuthorTopic: This Is Not Right
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Originally written by Keto-san:

Obnoxious .sig taken from out of context from a private E-mail removed.

This is not called a '.sig'.
The signature was not obnoxious.
A moderately obnoxious signature is not anyone's business.
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Either you didn't get it, or you're carrying it WAY too far.

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Yes, Dikiyoba would like an explanation for why the signature is wrong enough to warrant its own topic.
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What'd I miss? Did Jeff go and change TM's signature?

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In a word, yes.

—Alorael, who can't see anything wrong with a .sig. There's no .sig on forums, obviously, but you know what it means and it's very similar. It's quicker than signature and has the advantage of needing no disambiguation: signature has several meanings, but .sig only has one.
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Uhhh... he did? I thought it was a joke. It was quite funny. Seemed too stereotypical to be real.

EDIT: See? Kel thinks it's a joke. Please tell me it's a joke, Kel. Please. Please...

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I don't like my private E-mails made public. I especially don't like people doing it to irritate me. I tolerated it for a while, because I figured he just wanted to tweak me. But it's becoming a permanent thing, and I'm tired of seeing it.

I still call it a .sig because it's a habit from ancient internet days.

Topic closed.

- Jeff Vogel

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