Goodbye, Cruel World

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AuthorTopic: Goodbye, Cruel World
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From this moment on, I am no longer a member of the SpidWeb community.

I joined it in the hope of finding a meaningful message board. Instead, I found a message board full of members leaving in droves, often creating farewell topics to soothe their inflated egos. I shall follow suit and do the same.

So please, post your heartfelt sorrows at my leaving these forums. I will, of course, be lurking around, evaluating every post in this self-centered thread.

And, of course, I must make it known that I will not be coming back. Ever. You hear me? Never!

(No, not Scorp.)

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Hi, Scorp.

Bye, Scorp.

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It's been done before.

—Alorael, who has done this before, too.
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