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AuthorTopic: Some interesting questions
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Originally written by GremlinJoe:

I've started a number of curious topics like this, so before my curiosity drives me past insane and into comatose...

Does anyone ever think or wonder about:

What language their thoughts occur in?
Mathematics and occasionally Line theory

What color words in their head are?
Deep blue.

Or if there was a movie about their life, who would be the best actor to play them?
Animated, Charles Bronson narrating my role

Originally written by Kelandon:

Well, I'm at least pretty sure that Salmon is losing.

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I think in pictures of whatever color the object is supposed to be. If I do think in words, it's deliberately English and though I tend not to look at them, they are usually white.

I'm too out of the movie star loop to know who should play me, though at one point I would have said Kellie Martin.

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I would be played by digitally generated images. And I'd be silent, so no one woud get voice credits.

—Alorael, who missed this question entirely on his first time through. Oops.
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1. I'm not bilingual.

2. On the rare time I do think in words it's etched into the inside of my skull.

3. Tom.

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Tom who?

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Anybody who watched a movie about my life would be bored to tears.

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Almost would be the case with me to. Although there are a few good moments. Occaisonaly there are some wierd words that pop up in my head.

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